SoCS – March 30, 2019

Goooood morninnnng Bloggers! It is Saturday, it is cloudy, snow on the ground, it is chilly and one of those yes, a second cup of hot, please. . .hot whatever. I’m trying a new coffee, French vanilla, not exactly perfect, but okay. I don’t have a lot of dough to spend on Starbucks where a “grande”? costs the same as an entire meal, so I experiment at home with different flavors. I just finished my daughter’s recommendation, creme brûlée which I liked, but am now bored with it. Now an actual creme brûlée dessert is great. I think my mom used to make the New England version, egg custard browned on top with cinnamon. To me it’s the same dessert without the fancy name.

I hope everyone here has a fantastic weekend! For something different and fun, buy a pack of bubblegum and see how big a bubble you can blow, js.😂

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 30/19

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