MLMM Tale Weaver – Fairytale Woes

Finding a suitor for Cinderella’s sisters was quite a chore for King Humperdinck. He and Queen Marie A. found that even though they ruled with an iron hand, their efforts were often squashed by the neighboring kingdom, ruled by the Queen of Hearts. Of course any suitor wanted only to live in her kingdom because every person wants to find a rewarding and permanent love. However, her name did not reflect her character as they soon realized when attempting any courtship with her daughters.

Happy to be released from any obligations, these dejected souls drifted hither and yon in the Kingdom of Oz, only to be disappointed by the man behind the curtain. It was upon finding the yellow brick exit they happened upon the recently fallen kingdom of Blue Beard who had kept all available women to himself.

Trudging deeper into the forested area, one likely suitor came upon a bright young woman in a red coat. He accompanied her on her journey and as he rescued her and her grandmother from harm, finally found his love.

A few other would be suitors ended up in the town of Bremen as musicians, never quite satisfied with their fate. One of the impish wanderers came upon a golden key and found his dream life of adventure with a maid named Marion and lived a long dangerous, but happy life doing good deeds.

As far as King Humperdinck and Queen Marie, their semi-beautiful daughters ended up in the new world as the wards of the infamous President Lyndon.

The end. I’m sure you are glad 🙄


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