5***** Review: Devil in the Wind

I agree with this review. This book is riveting. Thank you, Frank!

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5***** Review of Devil in the Wind

by Frank Prem, poetry


Devil In The Windis an account of catastrophic fire and its immediate aftermath.

In this 21st century, the whole world seems to be on fire. America burns. Europe burns. Greece is reeling after its own tragedy of fire.

And Australia burns, as it has always done, but now so much more fiercely.

In February 2009, wildfires burnt through entire communities, taking 173 lives and injuring hundreds, while destroying thousands of houses and other buildings. Up to 400 fires destroyed 450,000 hectares of forest, native fauna and habitat, livestock and farmland.

In the aftermath of the fires, the voices of people who had lived through the experience — victims, rescuers, and observers — spoke and were heard.

Devil In The Windis Frank Prem’s poetic testament to the personal, and very human, accounts of those who themselves…

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