MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt- Muse

Usually writing only for myself, my own amusement, keeping my foot in the door, waiting for something exciting, wonderful, even new. That is why I write, trying to stretch my vocabulary once in a while, not ready to simply sit in the proverbial rocker.

I’ve never been the type of person who likes to sit still and do nothing. I am impatient, and life’s lessons provide teachable moments every day. I open my phone and try not to press the Google button to reveal a new horrid message by our incompetent president, or missing child or even if it’s good news, such as a possible cure for a cancer or other debilitating disease–because probably trillions of dollars have been spent on finding cures, but I believe delayed by pharmaceutical company profits. See that? I go off on tangents because my mind is also impatient, and one thing leads to another and another until I’m wiped out emotionally.

This is not a self therapy session, it is exposing my muse. Life is my muse. I’ve led an interesting one and there’s time to do more, I’m just not so equipped to make differences as I used to be, so I write. I write about my highs and lows, my worthless opinions on almost everything.

I have no dimly lit distractions in my life. Everything is brightly colored, whether that color be red, black or a rainbow. It all hits me as a gift. It’s complicated, it’s short, and we all deal with it however we can. It’s like this Prompt – muse. I see it and twist it around to my way of thinking. Okay I hope you laughed at that, because I did. I’m sure a lot of bloggers/writers who put out prompts get a good laugh at how I use their prompts, but that is life, isn’t it?



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