WP Bake Off Entry

My 16 year old grandson helped me make this Orange Almond Sponge Cake….not bad for the first time! We had great fun with this challenge.



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  1. I think we all did very well but it will be a while before I tackle it again. It’s just difficult when you have to be sitting to do everything. Thanks for commenting! ;.)


  2. A fellow first-timer(s)! πŸ™‚ That looks great – ‘spongier’ (lighter) than mine.

    I greased two tins and used grease-proof paper and still needed to carefully coax the bases out -sticky little suckers!

    What was the icing??

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    1. I didn’t have the correct pans so used two loaf pans. The recipe said not to grease the pan so it stuck like glue! I could release the sides with a butter knife but had to soak the bottom of the pan in very hot water for a couple of minutes and then pried the bottom out with a huge spatula. That’s why it looks a little crumby! I make my own frosting, almond flavored vanilla. The filling was that frosting/plus orange marmalade for the filling and plain frosting for top. Just confectionary sugar, butter, flavoring and skim milk. Grated peel on top.

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    2. For ‘packet’ mix cakes i used to employ the same technique to get the cake out – and it would still leave sections of cake stuck to the base of the tin!

      I found the secret is to use an olive oil spray to lightly cover the bottom and sides before you pour in the mix… cake comes out beautifully (maybe with just a little ‘teasing’ once it’s cooled a little!) πŸ™‚

      The Vanilla Almond icing sounds yum!

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    3. I have used parchment paper on the bottom of pans only, makes for quick release. I rarely bake anymore, it’s just too difficult with my shelves being regular height. I have used Pam spray for regular cooking on occasion instead of oil or butter. Good luck!

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