SoCS 3-23-19

Good day from snowy Wyoming. Just when you thought it was safe to open the blinds permanently, now they’re closed again to keep heat in. I was blessed this morning with a visit from my grandson, home from college for the weekend, yea!

I see the Prompt is, “the last item you received in the mail“–no surprises here, a bill! A bill from a credit card company I’m working to pay off, slow but sure. It was a convenient help a year ago and now it’s pay-the-piper time. I rarely get any actual mail that’s worth reading–it’s like phone calls, everyone asking for money or selling something. I’m watching “I Saw the Light” – the tragic story of Hank Williams, played extremely well by Tom Hiddleston.

Have a pleasant weekend and smell the daffodils, if you have them!

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 23/19


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