Monday Reds 3

This is not my vacuum. I have an older version of the red devil, and it lives up to its name! This morning I was bold enough to think, “I can fix this, no problem!” I finally received the new belts in the mail which probably came earlier but I don’t do mail when there’s ice and snow. And I needed to vacuum, really, really, needed to.

Of course my Phillips head screwdriver had taken a walk but I still had my trusty small regular one. After removing five screws, I checked everything out and the belt was in tact! So I looked everywhere, made sure everything was clean and solid, then put it back together.

Moment of truth. It sounded the same as before, loud, and like a car sounds when there’s a leak in the fuel line. I decided to run it anyway and it did pick up a little. I guess I’ll have to use my hand held Dyson, makeshift at best, for the whole living room. It runs for twenty minutes without a recharge. Can you imagine me bent over using it? You have to laugh! Okay, at least smile…

So how’s your Monday?

FOWC with Fandango — Makeshift


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