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It was all a misunderstanding. She never meant for anything to actually disappear, it was a mistake! Dressing up like a witch was Julie’s way of showing her independence. The rest of the villagers could wear those drab colonial outfits, but she wanted to stand out and make her presence known.

Julie’s parents didn’t know how to handle their twelve year old daughter. They were just looking forward to her thirteenth birthday when she would be married off to be someone else’s problem like her sisters before her. Of course, Julie had no plans to marry. She thought dressing up as a witch would scare off any possible suitors.

Only hearing stories handed down in adult conversations, Julie imagined that witches had powers. She wanted power. She needed the strength of it to leave her parents and this village. She secretly practiced spells on the cat. This day she made up a few words, waved her twig of a wand and pointed at the cat. Poof!

Julie’s family removed the witch clothing and hung the hat in the yard. Poor Julie was doomed from that day on. Justice not served.


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