Putting My Feet in the Dirt 9 and 10

Pandemonium of a new kind, bristly but sensible


It was that kind of day. Joe woke up in a bad mood, the time change made him dread a longer day at the market. Today was “five dollar all you can eat” at the market’s salad bar, or pandemonium of a new kind as Joe called it.

Every Tom, Dick and Henrietta took advantage of this day’s offerings and trying to keep up with the refills was madness! It was the ridiculous idea of upper management of course, trying to get more customers for groceries, but it ended up being a free for all for the employees. Trying to ignore some individuals filling their pockets with pastries and baked goods made him wonder about society as a whole.

All of the employees including Joe, hated these Sundays. Nonetheless, they acted bristly but sensible considering they all needed their jobs and enjoyed working at the market during the week. Sundays were just miserable.