Story Starter #2 +

Julie wanted to be thin. All of her life she dreamed of fitting her plumpish body into a size two. She constantly wished to be like the actresses on the television shows, now wearing more revealing outfits than ever before. “Those long perfectly formed legs, do they ever eat? Is black leather so form fitting ever going to be in my future?” Julie had these thoughts every day. Basically a healthy person, her DNA was never going to cooperate for Julie to be model of the year.

It was consuming her mind, her energy, just to get herself to work every day. Her coworkers noticed she was becoming increasingly despondent. Julie’s friend Margo, was one of those willowy women Julie so longed to be. Margo was a good friend but realized Julie had problems. She decided to make a suggestion, hoping Julie would not be upset. “I’m going to the gym again tonight, would you like to join me? It’s a fun Zumba class and I know you love music. It’ll be fun!”

Julie decided to take a chance. Maybe this would be the answer. She had tried exercise before, but it was monotonous and boring. She went home, put on her most stylish sweatsuit and met Margo at the gym. As she walked in, she noticed the women all looked like clones of Margo. They were all dressed in bright spandex, bouncy hair and even makeup. Julie just stopped and said “Thank you, but I don’t think I can do that.”


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