MLMM Tale Weaver -212 – Fairytale

A Saturday evening, and Lucy’s parents were out. Lucy was trying to finish her book when she heard a thump on her window.

That night her parents had hired someone new to watch over Lucy. Marly was not the typical babysitter any parent would choose. Having a last minute obligation to entertain a client, Lucy’s parents called a service to find and hire Marly.

Unfortunately Marly completely ignored her charge, put Lucy to bed at 7 and proceeded to veg out on the sofa with headphones, texting her boyfriend. If any problem arose, she would be unaware.

Lucy did what she was told, got into bed with one request, to keep her lamp on to read for a while. Marly just shut the door and cared not what Lucy did as long as she was undisturbed.

At hearing the thump, Lucy went to look out her window to see a fairy on the ledge. The fairy looked hurt, apparently had broken her wing on the window. Lucy gently picked her up and sat her and the wing on her bureau. She ran to her bathroom and came back with some tape and ointment. When she returned, the wing had been reattached and the fairy seemed magically healed.

Lucy just stared in wonder as her mind realized the entire happening was real. She looked to see her book, “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” was laying open on her pillow. As she turned back, the fairy had turned into a figurine. Lucy could only stare at it, wondering if she had fallen asleep and dreamed the event.

The next morning Lucy saw the figurine on her bureau and wondered what had really happened. She went to the window and there was a tiny feather. She decided not to tell anyone about what went on, and kept the fairy figurine close to her every night.

As Lucy grew up, if ever needed, the fairy would come to life. It was the ancient code of fairies, to protect children.

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