Case Closed

Well it’s lucky they’ve got us on the case, right Harry?

You said it, Joe. These young whippersnappers couldn’t find a crook if their life depended on it!

Well it’s not like the old days, when the perpetrators were smart. Hell, these days, crimes are committed all the time! It takes real police work, boots on the ground stuff, right?

Yup, and real evidence, otherwise you can’t solve the case, and then sometimes it’s the lawyers. It’s a different world out there, Joe. Glad to be working with you. We have been learning this craft for over twenty years, can you believe it? And it is a craft. You have to have a nose for it. You can’t sit at a computer and solve crimes, right, Joe?

(Joe’s cell beeps with a text informing him the guilty party was just located on 5th and Stevens Ave.) The two detectives shrugged and got back into the car. Arriving at the precinct, they discover a street traffic cam caught the entire crime, thus solving it.


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