MLMM Tale Weaver #211 – Egrlactical

“Well I just don’t believe it, don’t believe it at all. You can’t just say “egrlactical” and expect all of us to sit here and say, oh, yes, you’ve found the solution? Ridiculous!”

Professor Plumme was voicing his opinion of the new “save the world” theory which student Peter Peabody and his team had voiced in the Innovations for World Peace class. Every young student had their personal solution, of course; none new from the annals of history, but valiant efforts, nonetheless. Achieving an A in Professor Plumme’s class was rare, but it never deterred the eager students.

Peter’s theory, entitled “Egrlactical”, came about from long coffee and marijuana filled nights of studious efforts. After smoking for a few hours, his mind relaxed enough to open up to previously unimagined possibilities for a new improved world order. It was then decided to stream caffeine at an alarming rate to put these ideas on paper.

However, as the young men described their new theory on how to improve their world, an unfortunate accident occurred. A blinding light, an explosion, and in the ashes, only one item remained undamaged–a sheaf of papers named: The Egrlactical Theorem.


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