MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt #44

The scene was set, a steaming bowl of a foreign concoction, more spice than taste, but they ate what was put in front of them. The papers had been signed, and here they were sitting at a meal hosted by the owner of the orphanage.

As the sun set in the early evening, shots were fired, glass was broken and they feared for their lives. A simple adoption trip ended up in terror as the occupants of a certain gang arrived, intent on stealing the orphanage funds.

Ties were cut to the outside world as they huddled in fear in the owner’s rooms. The experience was not at all what they envisioned, and neither was the small child they came to take home. Promises made were now broken, but there was no turning back.

This was an enlightening, although frightening experience, but the child blossomed in the US as it grew, now a successful adult.


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