Sunday excitement! or: arthritic fingers and wheelchairs

My Sunday morning consisted of a mundane venture. I didn’t use ad venture because I think that applies to an actual venture that’s either fun, something to look forward to, a learning experience, or exciting in some way. Most of my days are not like that.

Waking up at 2-4 AM because some poor souls near me go to work at that time, starts it out. I usually lay there trying to put off the cold trip (it’s 8 degrees) to the bathroom until I can’t, then hurry in and out, and back under warm covers. Of course I don’t get back to sleep.

If that’s not excitement enough for you, consider the day’s activity. This morning I probably woke up the rest of my neighbors when whacking two frozen chicken breasts apart on the counter to thaw quicker for baking later. Luckily it only took three attempts and no chicken flew into the living room. It happens.

I decided to thaw them in a baking pan to save steps. Fighting with foil that no matter how carefully I try to cover every inch of a pan, it always ends up ripping somewhere. This morning I took off a long strip to make sure the whole pan was covered, thus, no washing or cleanup involved. Ripped, of course it did. Foiled again – sorry, couldn’t resist.

Then I picked out carrots, onions, celery, and sweet potato to join the chicken. Sitting and having one non feeling foot on the flip lid trash can device to hold it open — in order to peel carrots directly into it, takes dexterity. Of course a couple of protesting peelings fly off and require a different form of acrobatics–holding onto the chair and careening under the cupboard to retrieve them for trash. Most wheelchair brakes are not that reliable, so holding on with one hand while bending over is necessary.

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not tall enough to peel them into the sink and I can’t stand, hold onto the sink, a carrot, and a peeler at the same time. The last time I tried holding onto the sink with my elbows to do this, I started sliding off to the right, so, no, not doing it again. I want to be brave and independent, but I’m not stupid.

Same routine for potatoes. Onions are easy. I leave them whole.

Then I start coffee and all ingredients are either up or down in cupboards or drawers, so spilling is not unsual. Thank heavens for my little handheld Dyson.

Paper filters always curl in at the precise moment I spoon ground coffee into them and again when placing it in the pot’s filter holder. The pot is on the shelf, so requires standing to plug in and turn on. If all that is done, I can relax.

I must be allergic to some cologne because a small spritz this morning decided to react with my sneezing constantly. Of course this sneezing only started as I was rolling with one hand and holding a full cup of coffee in the other.

I could clean, that would make a dream day complete, or could vacuum, but the belt broke this week and there’s no local place to get a new one. Amazon it is. I will do laundry. Now that’s very exciting.



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  1. Oh my thanks for the reminder that the best way to beat back these stupid disabilities is to laugh at them. I have done that exact thing with the garbage can and peeling directly into it. Peelings went everywhere, EXCEPT into the can. Neuropathy stinks! 😉 Thanks for the chuckle.

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