Putting My Feet in the Dirt 15

Loose laces and tight triumphs


It was a tournament for the best soccer teams of the southwest area and all the girls were gathered from nearby states in Arizona. Mary was the smallest girl on the Arsenal team, a mighty warrior and knew her skills well. While others were gawking or slowly running, she would skittle around and drive the ball to goal.

The last day of the tournament her team was running second to the top and she was more determined than ever to make them number one. As the game progressed she was feeling less excited and more tired. She blocked a player who accidentally on purpose, stepped on Mary’s loose shoelace, and Mary fell hard on the grass.

Undaunted, rising up quickly, she pushed forward and made the winning goal in a tight triumph by her smaller team.


February 2019 Writing Prompts


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  1. I guess I should have read your profile earlier. By the way, not that it matters, Arsenal are the team I live and die by, but so much more important is you, the person liking my posts. Your words hit me in a good way. Keep posting. Important ~ George

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