MLMM Wordle #120

Just an old grimalkin, stretching herself out on the attic floor. Dusky shadows drifted in from the only window, but she still strived to lay in the sun warmed spot. She wrapped herself around the tattered upholstered chair leg like a vine of strangleweed.

The elderly feline was considered by some as augur of the future, a curse of sorts, and that is why most of her time was spent in the attic, locked away from the children.

The cat’s human family often held gatherings of a cabal nature, featuring ether and dripping candle wax in strange signs. The most depicted was the zodiac sign of Capricorn, the goat head, which to them, symbolized a devilish figure.

In these secret meetings, the cat was brought out on display, as a threat to any who might be unsure of the beliefs of the group. Any misgivings, thought to be well hidden, were immediately rooted out by the grimalkin.


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