Grocery Shopping, Kid Style

The very best way to shop. While mom was in the eyeglass section with the 12 year old, I had a 16 and 12 year old to myself, (helping) me shop. Delighted it was Friday where samples were displayed by two vendors, Lindt and Ghirardelli chocolate and Cheez-It’s. The lady at the chocolate booth was not smiling and practically skewered us with her eyes as we approached.

Having no compunction in meeting that look, I grabbed two samples, one for me and one for my daughter at the eye clinic. My two grandchildren each took one. The Cheez-It lady was open and friendly and had samples of a new Diet Coke – blueberry and strawberry and offered all samples with a great smile. We laughed as we tried each one. I said to her, it’s nice to see your smiling friendly face, unlike the lady over there. She said, “take what you want. . .I just fill the cups”. (An honest reply.)

We are not used to drinking soda and the carbonation made for a few loud burps later which added to the joy of the day. It’s the little things. . .

Another highlight was a man coming towards us with a weird sideways stare at my cart, the whole time he passed by, as if to say, “don’t move anywhere near me” to which we all laughed hysterically after he passed. Seriously, I was parked waiting for the salad lady to put out new lettuce! Along with that and three elderly like myself, gentlemen, offering help of different kinds, it was a great time had by all. I did threaten to search the starer and sideswipe him, just a little, but suddenly my adult self kicked in and I forgot about it.

Having a very short list to shop for, we engaged in an economical activity, determining which Valentine candy box was the best deal. . .a math lesson if you prefer. We decided as we perused the aisle that Hershey’s Pot of Gold was the best deal, if not the best chocolate in the group. This is the 16 year old with proof. . .100+ chocolates for $20.00!πŸ˜‚ Most prices started at 25 – 50 cents per piece.

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