The Secret Keeper #176

Her inner fears wanted to decline but her legs seemed to stand her up and she had no choice. He was certainly handsome, debonair, and dressed princely, but she knew her dancing skills were not the best.

Her cheeks took on a pinkish hue as she took his hand and they walked out on the floor. She thought, yes, dreams can come true. . .I’m dancing as I never thought I could!

Swirling around on the floor, the second waltz took on a faster rhythm and she was almost mesmerized at her sudden ability to keep up.

Then of course, the inevitable happened. He swished her out beside him. Losing her grip on his shoulder, she tripped over the hem of the ball gown she had borrowed.

Trying to save herself, she fumbled and fell. The poor girl not only embarrassed herself and her partner but ended up breaking her arm as she tried to catch herself among the dress fabric.

Like most things of dreams, the moment was lost.


Weekly Writing Prompt #176


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