Word of the Day: Plan

It was not in the plan. Of course it never is, waking up too early with stuff on your mind. You know that type of stuff you finally let go the night before so you could get to sleep?

Not my plan, anyway. But then there’s that annoying text that beeps you awake, “have you called yet?” The text refers to a call I should have made days ago. I replied, “no, they’re two hours later and I want to be awake when I call.”

It’s now two hours later my time, I made the call, glad I did, but it was not without consequences. That’s why I didn’t make it days ago. I was waiting till the pain would ease, but of course it didn’t. Now it has, a bit. Crying after the call ceased for a while, until I started writing this.

It’s one of life’s miseries, trying to accept someone else leaving this plane, hopefully to rise to a better one. We all have to do it, but that will be easier than having someone you love do it.

Plan – Word of the Day Challenge


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