Ccc#9 – Borders

Barriers, borders between you and me

What exactly would you see

A wall, a bridge, a block of sorts

Will you feel remorse as a result

Of disconnecting us, or will you scorn

The separation, and feel forlorn

That you’re alone, or is that your wish?

Our leaders last orders seem to be remiss

As the golden rule will be dismissed.

Writing Prompts

FOWC with Fandango — Remorse


9 thoughts on “Ccc#9 – Borders

    1. Yea, I gather you’ve got erratic weather, one day hot, the next cold, heavy rains, hail and snow storms. But I guess it depends on where you are. Even in piddly little Britain the weather can be completely diffetent from one side of the country to the oter., never mind about north and south.

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    2. Loads of reasons. Sun spots, lack of. It’s thought we’re heading for a Grand Solar Minimun such as the one that caused the Tudor Mini Ice Age, There’s also the slowing of Earth’s rotation (one hipes that’s temporary). Plus the magnetic poles are drifting southward. Plus our solar system is slowly slipping into a less dusty part of the universe, so there’s less rubbish out there to protect us from cosmic rays.
      But of course, there’s always someone who wants to blame it on our reckless recalcitrant behaviour. Especially if they can lob a tax on us while they’re about it. (Don’t get me started, I’m not a political creature)

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