Afterwards Prompt: Wednesday.

The jokester over at’s Prompt today is Wednesday😂 So going along with the fact it is still Wednesday here in WY, I’ll just blather on about my day. A few prompts appear here on WP on Wednesday: One Liner Wednesday, Write Anything Wednesday, Feline Wednesday, Fandango’s Provocative Question, Wednesday Word Prompt, Writing Wednesday, Word Prompt Wednesday, Wednesday Writing Prompts, 100 Word Wednesday, Crimson’s Creative Challenge, just to name a few to choose from.

I particularly like Write Anything Wednesday because like the title, it’s freeform blather. Of course that’s my usual, so not a surprise. Today I visited the only shop in town to check out a new wheelchair since mine is increasingly harder to use and needs repairs. A very nervous, unknowledgeable person was the only one present and had no answers to my questions. Besides not knowing what a paraplegic or quadriplegic meant, I was not angry, just embarrassed for her. We left with no info, no help except the statement, you pay upfront and need a prescription before we even discuss it. Paying upfront is ridiculous! Who can afford it? So who is handy with tools?🙄😳😏

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    1. I have a regular one I rented in 2013, and ended up keeping. As of last year I’m supposed to get a new one paid for by Medicare, or a scooter. I just want an easy to roll one without the large sides I have now. Prices vary depending on the type, powered or not. I don’t need a powered one, just easier to roll one.

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