JuJoJa 3 – Prompts Aplenty

When first I thought of what the doctor said, “There are two choices for your “redo” after bladder removal: “The Cadillac and the Ford.” Thinking this was madness at first, I chose the most used, most reliable, the Ford. That was 2015 after bladder cancer. That is why I started the blog. I was recuperating and turned to my iPad. I met a great person online and he encouraged me to write a blog. It started with “Oh, that kind of bag” as a first post title but that post has disappeared somewhere. He came up with that title, designed my first blog, and I came up with the blog title, The Bag Lady. I assumed–and you know what that stands for–that anyone faced with this set of circumstances would like to have honest answers to their questions. I also threw humor into the posts, because it really is funny most of the time. To date I have only had one inquiry. I guess that means I explained it very well or they just gave up (halfway) into reading my blather.

This was May and by the time the flowers of autumn appeared I was well into a daily routine without constant leaks, laundry, changing bed linens and able to go in public with confidence. It took a long time for that to happen. I was delivered from my misery by a helpful phone assistant at Hollister. Thank heavens for their people who were much more knowledgeable than the urologist and his videos of home care after surgery or visiting nurses who were the greatest, but had no solutions for my leakage problems. Plastic surgery was considered along with other things, but getting the right appliance (bag) was the answer. For the most part, now I feel just like the rest of you.

FOWC with Fandango β€” Deliver

FOWC with Fandango β€” Madness




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  1. I’m guilty of an assumption- that you were setting yourself out as a nefarious carpetbagger with a 45. While we’re on this – Rugby is very English is that a particular meaning for you?

    Great post, I tip my hat, an amazing journey.

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