Scott’s Daily Prompt: Afford


Well here it is December eight

So many items on your plate

All preparing for the 25 date

Certainly, you need not be late.


A gift for George, a boogie board

A soccer ball for a reward

A music box that plays a chord

Of course you’re sure you can afford.


That diamond necklace for her neck

Apple Watch, the latest tech

Wooden toys kids can’t wreck

All these gifts–what the heck?


Little Susie needs that doll

Then puppy Spot wants a ball

Grandma June could use a shawl

All available at the mall.


Gifts galore, spending plenty

Opened gifts, more than twenty

Dollars spent, even pennies

Why then do you feel so empty.


The money spent for such things

Tied with ribbons, even strings

Does much lasting comfort bring?

Search your heart for love that wings




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