TMAT120 – Relatives should remain Relative

Living two thousand miles away meant going home for the holidays was rare. Of course we wanted to be there, but long travel with three small children made it difficult. There were some spectacular times and most everyone was glad to be together. But as the usual case, there’s always that one person who immediately ruins the whole idea.

My particular experience for this piece relates to one Christmas I planned with my sister. We were going to try to duplicate my childhood memory of all of us sitting down together, having dinner, playing games and reminiscing, having fun. The guests included our parents, our sisters and their immediate families.

I walked in to my father’s first words: “haven’t missed many meals lately I see”.

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  1. I have to smile, I remember my dad being in hospital before he died and I used to take mum up to see him everyday until he was moved into a beautiful nursing home fo4 the last few days of his life. He needed something and I said I would go and get it. I was almost across the other side of the ward and I heard him say to mum “ She a good lass, a big lass but good” I was mortified but can smile now. He was only speaking the truth 🤷🏼‍♀️

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