The Haunted Wordsmith – Page 7, Line 5

“The Martian” by Andy Weir

“I had no way to talk to Hermes. In time I could locate the dish” but it would take a lot of luck and perseverance. My brother Hermes was not coming, and probably had no idea where it was anyway. Thanksgiving without my mother’s favorite turkey platter was out of the question. Since her memory was fading quickly, I had to search the attic for her holiday dishes. She was adamant my dad had stored it there last year.

Mom was becoming more and more determined about a lot of things. Realizing her memory loss would increase just exacerbated her determination to have traditional holidays continue. Alzheimer’s disease is a cruel devil, causing everyone to hold on to what was.

After a fruitful search, I also found the gravy boat that matched the platter. Mom’s eyes lit up as she took it in her hands. Smiling lovingly at the china, she remarked how dad presented this to her on their first holiday together.


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  1. A beautiful reminder of how the gifts we receive never lose their importance to us, and that it is alright to cherish the things that help us remember those long gone. It is why the fires in California in which people lost their mementos of the past were so devastating!

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