MLMM First Line Friday 11-23-18

This was by far, the bleakest and blackest of Fridays. I was the only one who seemed to notice. Everyone else was scurrying around shopping, on their phone or computer, tablet or looking at newspaper sale ads.

It was only me, as is often the case, that woke up sad and teary eyed. I dragged myself out of the warm bed, donned a warm sweatshirt and made coffee. Something had to give, it had been too many days like this. I made coffee hoping the sweet hot liquid would cheer me, give some warmth to my coldness. Is it possible to warm your mind with a cup of coffee? It was my only choice.

This was another in a month of bad days. I joined the holiday group, put on the face of contentment, but my heart wasn’t in it. I dared not look into the others’ eyes too closely for fear they would look back and see the real me. And so it begins, coffee ready.


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