The Haunted Wordsmith 11-23-18

The day after Thanksgiving, one of the days of the year where America eats too much and tries to remember to give thanks for the abundance in their lives. One of the days during the holiday season when we give a can or a coat to a shelter or store to distribute. We feel good about ourselves as we pass by a street person thinking we’ve helped, and we have, for a minute or two. We’ve thought of them for a few seconds as we search our closet for something too big or too small, well worn but usable. We pick out a few cans to donate from our full larder of cookies and chips.

Suggested words from Theresa today are: unbridled, song and future. Her accompanying photo might make us think of the fragility of earth’s treasures, and it does me too. But then I can never forget the photo below. It may not be of a real person, it may be fake, but the words on the sign get to me. No matter what the circumstances or the education or the problems causing homelessness, to me this is the real problem.

We no longer seem to have unbridled compassion, and a hopeful song for the future of our fellow man depends on all of us–to stop and think about the message on this person’s sign.


5 thoughts on “The Haunted Wordsmith 11-23-18

  1. strong words on that picture, indeed. It struck me even before I read your comment. Obviously, this photo is staged, but it is terribly sad to think that some people beleive that about themselves… I hope more and more of us will make the effort of at least aknowledging the presence of homeless people with walk by. They certainly aren’t “nobodies”!

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