Word of the Day: Shambles

I think this word is appropriate for the day. My pressure video post also. I’m actually surprised I kept my Irish temper under control as I just spent an hour and a half, 48 minutes of it on hold, with Medicare.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the very government organization we in the USA rely on after a certain age. Never mind the fact it is big business under the heading of “care”, a misnomer.

Since I’m not taking any medications, I decided to change from my 85 dollar a month payment to save money and enrolled in a 15 dollar a month program instead, active on January 1. I probably jinxed myself doing that and will fall terribly ill needing multiple prescriptions on that date, and have the 400 dollar deductible take effect.

Do I sound jaded? Definitely! Of course the new plan is not in effect yet because they have no record of my enrollment, even though I have an actual letter from them saying so.

I used to work for the government. Paperwork, lots of it, is their specialty. Efficiency is not. Shambles, indeed.

I could go on but it’s time for breakfast/lunch. Why so late? Because I’ve been paying bills and been on the PHONE. Okay, I’m calmer now. Just breathe…

Shambles – Word of the Day Challenge


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