Share Your World 11-15-18


I am late to the game. I’m finding I am not receiving blogs I follow such as this one, in my mail anymore. I know I’m missing some of you and I’ve tried to follow again. I don’t know if it’s WordPress or Yahoo mail. I hope you are receiving my comments on your site as well. Here’s my answers:

1. The biggest most memorable screw up in the kitchen was in the seventies. I was on the weight watcher diet and followed a recipe for chocolate mousse, thinking my kids would love having a “real dessert” in the house for a change. We all sat, finished the meal and I proudly presented my concoction. It looked beautiful but as each one took a bite, we silently put our dishes in the sink. This was before the days of good tasting sugar replacement, if there are any. However, I don’t use any sugar replacements or diet sodas etc. I think they are bad for your health. JMO. ☺️

2. I think people believe in conspiracy theories because they basically just want an answer and cannot comprehend one evil mind would come up with such a horrific happening. Unless it’s T….strike that – I don’t want the secret service visiting me!

3. I think in forty years basic things of life, such as love of ones family, will not change. We will always be nostalgic for those who are no longer with us, a simpler time in our lives, or childhood memories.

4. A hot dog consists of a “meat” and a bread, so yes. 😳☺️


This week I am grateful for having family members around, going to a college play and food shopping, you don’t need more than that!❀️


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