3 2 1 Quote me – Truth

A platitude is simply a truth repeated till people get tired of hearing it.

James Baldwin


He who laughs last. . .just didn’t get the joke.

Caroll Bryant

A bonus with my personal favorite:


I have to thank Fandango, who tagged me for this Challenge. I have been trying to slow down my blogging but maybe I’ll find some humor in this?

The rules are simple and there is no deadline or obligation to join in.

1. Thank your tagger.

2. Post two quotes on the subject, in this case “truth“.

3. Pick three other bloggers to tag.


I am tagging:

Billy Mac at https:// goodtobealivetoday.wordpress.com

Tom at http://tombeingtom.com

Carol Anne at https://therapybits.wordpress.com


Anyone else? Feel free to join in, please!



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