Word of the Day: Listless

Yup that’s me, listless, layered clothing, under blanket, reading blogs, hands surrounding a hot cup of anything to keep them warm enough to scribble a comment. It is cold! How cold is it? I refer you to some one liners, reminiscent of Johnny Carson monologues:

It is so cold we ate lunch at the Greasy Spoon just to get heartburn.

It was so cold . . .

the squirrels in the park were throwing themselves at an electric fence!

And Bob Hope:

We slept four in a bed. If it got cold, mom just threw on another brother.

Have a warmer day than mine.



29 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Listless

  1. Love the one liners – especially the Bob Hope one.

    They tell me it’s cold over here, but I’m not feeling it. The block that I live in is overheated. I have to keep the windows open at all times.

    BTW. for some reason I can’t click ‘like’ on your posts. The problem comes from my end, not yours…

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