Word of the Day: Listless

Yup that’s me, listless, layered clothing, under blanket, reading blogs, hands surrounding a hot cup of anything to keep them warm enough to scribble a comment. It is cold! How cold is it? I refer you to some one liners, reminiscent of Johnny Carson monologues:

It is so cold we ate lunch at the Greasy Spoon just to get heartburn.

It was so cold . . .

the squirrels in the park were throwing themselves at an electric fence!

And Bob Hope:

We slept four in a bed. If it got cold, mom just threw on another brother.

Have a warmer day than mine.



29 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Listless

  1. Love the one liners – especially the Bob Hope one.

    They tell me it’s cold over here, but I’m not feeling it. The block that I live in is overheated. I have to keep the windows open at all times.

    BTW. for some reason I can’t click ‘like’ on your posts. The problem comes from my end, not yours…

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  2. I’m in NH. We had 3 inches of snow this morning and it turned to rain. Heaviest stuff I’ve ever shoveled.
    Love the comedians you chose, those guys are from an era that will never be duplicated

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