Screwing Native Americans again!

NPR reports:

Does this make you angry? I’ve been without a street address myself. Many small towns and areas do not have them. If you are a widow, divorced and don’t have renewed personal info on a government approved card that differs from your last time voting–is this fair? Taxation without representation? What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Screwing Native Americans again!

  1. Howdy Cheryl, Native culture is under attack worldwide. Has been for a few hundred years. I guess? Why? I expect you can guess? The reason for comment here was to note this. That we are being told that most human DNA contains Denisovan DNA. With a higher percentage found in certain other cultures. Obviously one of the parts of the globe with that is Siberia and the native pop. in Americas. The amount of both Neanderthal and Denisovan Is combined different ways in homo sapiens, it seems? Cheers Jamie


  2. it is exactly the same sort of voter restrictions we have seen in the south since reconstruction. frankly it pisses me off. Dodge City Kansas is doing the same sort of thing by moving their voting place to a building in the sticks where the hispanics of the community can not get to..just another reason I will be in Kansas on Tuesday, transporting people back and forth from dodge to their voting booths.

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