Sunday Photo Fiction 10-21-18

What is this?

Well, I’m tired!

Tired of what?

Tired of waiting for that damn insurance guy to come take care of this.

The tree? What are you talking about?

I’m talking about being on hold with the insurance company for hours, talking to four different people, about this tree.

So you decided to bring it here?

Yes! Now they’ll have to remove it like they should have removed it from my living room!

Oh my gosh! What happened?

The storm caused a tree to break my window and the limbs crashed into my living room! I’ve been on the phone with the insurance adjusters for two days trying to get someone to help me.

What do you think they’ll do now?

They already did it.


They said I was belligerent, calling repeatedly to have an adjuster check my claim, and discontinued my policy.


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