The Haunted Wordsmith DWC


Leading a boring life almost every day, I think I would like Sean Connery to be my costar in life. . .uh, I mean in a movie. The movie would be a saga of him as a knight who could transform himself into a fiery dragon if needed. Being the handsome, Dudley DoWright of the era–faithful, loyal and true in the days of knighthood fantasy would be exciting. I’m not talking about the real day to day life of knights in those days dodging pots of sewage on the street and heaven knows I would not want to be stuffed into the heavy dresses and tight corsets of a woman’s clothing of that era.

I am merely writing of the fantasy of a knight in shining armor. The white steed where he sweeps me off my feet and plops me in front of him on the saddle, whisking us both away to some furry rug in front of some warm crackling stone fireplace in some castle that is in perfect condition but has inside plumbing! Hey, it’s a fantasy!

As soon as we arrive on the property, grass turns green even in winter, wild colorful flowers instantly bloom and forest animals all greet us. Blue birds on the white birch tree branches sing a welcoming song as my knight lifts me off the horse and we retire to the inner part of the castle. A feast of the day is spread on a small table next to the fireplace and the night is ours alone.

Dream on. . .


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