Putting My Feet in the Dirt 16 and 17

It was the event of the year, fit for man or beast

Everyone’s invited to the Frankenstein feast

The main event was the meal itself

But the costume contest judged by the elf

Outdid the food by leaps and bounds

And Spastic and Spoopy were after the crown

The elf was snooty and quick to judge

Took one look and never budged

The crowd even booed, but couldn’t convince

And change his usual choice, the mouse dressed as a prince

The mouse seemed to win every year

Whether dressed as a cat or maybe a bear

Spastic and Spoopy were new, tried to fit in

Thought their Tweedle dee and dum outfit would win

The boys were Siamese twins you see

And the costume fit them perfectly

Alas the winner was again the mouse

Discouraged boys walked back to their house.


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