Putting My Feet in the Dirt 15

Hey, it’s Mr. T! 🙄 Nah, it’s actually named pentatomid.


I never was one for bugs

Creepy crawlies seem like thugs

Always around where you don’t need

Looking for some sensitive skin to feed

Mosquitoes, flies, disgusting things

Especially flies, who knows where they’ve been?

Spiders I think are the worst

Their attack dance seems to be rehearsed

Ever notice no matter where you go

They come right towards you as if they know

You’re afraid, and won’t seek the broom

Bringing it down on them, completing their doom

But all the horror in movies and books

Seem to succomb to the gross ugly looks

Of corpses where maggotty monsters abound

In buried caskets under the ground.


October Writing Prompts


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