3TC 10-15-18

Sleeping Ute Mountain, Utah, USA


It’s just up there a ways, over the sleeping mountain as the locals call it. It just looks like an ordinary pile of rock to me, but legend has it, it has moved.

Really! Moved? Was there an earthquake?

Nope, but that’s what they say. Apparently in the old days of Native Americans, tribes had many myths and legends about mountains, animals and such. I’ve always been a believer myself, no use in taking any chances.

Tell me about the mountain moving.

Well the legend says that after the Custer debacle, the tribes gathered on that mountain. That was when it had another hump on it. In fact the whole thing looked like a man, head and body lying down.

So what happened at the meeting?

They call it a powwow.

Okay, powwow, so what happened?

The tribes all agreed there had to be a warning put out for all to see, reminding everyone there would be no more buckling under to the white soldiers. After the ceremony they all returned to their villages. The next day the mountain had changed. The sleeping man was now headless.

Yikes! I think my hike is over. I don’t want to go anywhere near that mountain!




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