MLMM Bonus Wordle – E

I never thought of myself as evil. In fact my emulation of the old horror stories of my childhood seemed rather exoteric in my opinion. Wanting to indulge enough without erasing my basic instincts of civility, I feel I was justified in my entry to the macabre. Being on the easement between small crimes and the edge of actually insane acts committed by true believers, one could say I was perfectly innocent.

The exact day I decided to enter into the exotic world of voodoo was only an adventure. After all, I had no equipment to complete any ethereal tasks, only a bold curiosity. However, I’m sure my friend Jim wished he was elsewhere when we found some.

Jim was also a curious sort. Both of us decided to visit New Orleans during spring break and see Mardi Gras. It ended up being a bad influence on both of us. We meant no harm to anyone, but it seemed intriguing to investigate the voodoo shops, looking at supposed charmed objects and the like. We seemed to be drawn to a particular group of items, and pooled our monies, purchased them and exited the shop.

A visit to the Internet completed our delve into the occult as we searched out the meaning and capabilities of our finds. The stones inscripted with symbols piqued our imagination first. We had seen tarot cards, crystal balls and such before. We had even used fake runes in board games, but these were different. We looked up a few that would hopefully complete a task to complicate the life of our college classmate, Jack.

We chose a few of the stones symbolizing compulsion, failure and loss, relationships and confusion. We gathered them into a bag and secretly placed them in Jack’s hotel room. The results didn’t come as quickly as Jim and I planned, but the prank proved to be completed as Jack’s girlfriend ended up despising him and turned to me for comfort. A little misplaced bragging about our trick was soon recognized as the reason for Jack’s problems.

Since our evil doings were discovered, it is Jim and me who are now alone.



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