60 Minutes – Sorry to bother again

No matter what you believe, as a citizen of the USA, I suggest you watch this latest interview. It shows you exactly who Trump is, how he bullies, demeans and repeatedly refuses to answer a direct question. The main gist to me was showing his little boy playground attitude with this repeated statement:

I know you’re sick of it. I too, want to stick my head in the sand, but when I was surfing, waiting to see Poldark on PBS, caught this and thought I would give him a chance.

I wonder if he knows just how telling the interview answers were. Personally – which is how I always write here on my own blog, of course, I can’t even stand to look at him or listen, myself. But I thought it was sort of a “civic duty”. I think you should check it out and see how he uncovers what I thought all along.

JMO – which I always feel free to write here on the blog.




25 thoughts on “60 Minutes – Sorry to bother again

  1. I know a good deal of his fans, his cult followers. I have family and close personal friends that damn near worship him. Well, some of them actually do. They love his childishness and think he’s “telling it like it is.” He’s “frank,” “real,” unlike the rest of the politicians. He puts “America first” and doesn’t “put up with shit” from other countries, or from journalists.

    His base is pathetic. And they love him.

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    1. Well that’s sickening. I was going to say, well you do live in CA. JK ..and I don’t know if you even do live there ; )). Seriously though, I do not understand that at all. Maybe all the rest of us are crazy?

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    2. No, they’re crazy. Or ignorant, more like. They just don’t know any better. Luckily, they are by far the minority population (remember, Trump is president with significantly less popular vote) and this should be a rare blip.

      And, yeah, I do live in California. Deep red northern California. 😜

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  2. He is who we thought is. Now, why others seem to actually like him? I have no idea. Especially women. How ANY woman could be behind this Neanderthal is beyond me. Personally, I think it speaks volumes about those who are in Its corner. Just my opinion though.

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    1. And I like that you respond with your opinion. I don’t ask people to agree with me, but I do think there are a lot of people realizing now who he really is. Which will happen I hope as he exposes himself more and more. No more press secretary covering up. I can’t imagine she really believes what she spouts. Are your folks back home settled in again? Hope all is well.

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    2. I just don’t get it. He’s hateful, disrespectful to everyone, he’s egomaniacal, selfish, uncaring. I could go on and on. Politics aside, he’s simply a horrible human being. I’ll never understand those who follow his every word like sheep to a slaughter.

      As for my in-laws, The didn’t leave for the storm, choosing to ride it out. They made it through, but then were left with no power, no water, no gasoline, no stores open. They left Apalach yesterday and we found them a room in Birmingham. All the rooms in a Montgomery were going for $300-$400 a night. They’re gauging people fleeing from misery. Crappy thing to do. They’ll be here in KY this evening.

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