Putting My Feet in the Dirt 13 and 14

There were worrisome wailings emanating from under the house. The keepers of the corpses resided above. On the first floor of the home an ordinary family resided. The basement was missing since they lived at sea level, but the building itself was raised a bit on stilts in case of flood.

The Schamansky families had lived there for about two hundred years, so the history contained within the walls of the abode was varied and discreet. Discreet to all but their closest neighbors.

Being so close to the sea the Schamanskys had many a visitor from various cargo, pirate, and passenger ships. Most visitors arrived by accident of course, but some were retrieved from shore and buried under the house.

They weren’t trying to hide anything. It was not their fault the visitors arrived nearly dead or completely dead. The Schamanskys always thought it their duty to accommodate anyone that landed on their shoreline, and if the person survived they were fed and clothed and sent on their way. The many unfortunate souls who did not, were interred with a few solemn words under the safety of the Schamansky dwelling.

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