A Saturday Night Laugh

My grandson spent the night since it was snowing, roads closed and his parents stuck on the highway till midnight. We were playing games and the power went out. Not just here but this whole section of the city. He was freaked out. We had candles and matches so not a problem. I have the old “also serves as a weapon” flashlight (by the remote for scale) that weighs about ten pounds😳 so we were fine. I was surprised he was pretty upset.

The power came back on for a few minutes and then off again. In the meantime I called his older sister who was at home by herself, to make sure she was fine. She was. Texted the parents to let them know all was well. It was odd. Wifi completely screwed until ten this morning. Still isn’t working well. No news reporting what happened. . .do I hear Twilight Zone music?👻

My phone showed photos but nothing else, so I got a laugh out of him, finally, when I showed him one I took of a t-shirt at Walmart on Friday:

Have a great afternoon! It’s freezing here❄️⛄️❄️



9 thoughts on “A Saturday Night Laugh

    1. I had to delete one of the tshirt Laugh posts so thought my answer to the tshirt pic might not have gotten to you. I tried to post it two different times and I guess it finally got published!😂Sorry, that was thoughtless of me. The black tshirt has two white skeletons, one holding the others backbone/spine. That one says, “I’ve hot your back”. For some reason it hit me in a very funny way.

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