Putting My Feet in the Dirt 8

Skipping along the dirt road, shuffling a few yellow leaves off to the side, little Mary was having a great day. “I don’t like you, you yellow oak leaves, I only like red maple leaves”, she said and kicked them aside when she found them. Mary was happy with herself, but not what you would describe as a nice little girl.

Autumn brought out the best of her worst, especially near Halloween. Mary delighted in dressing up for school parties or trick or treating and always told her mother exactly what her costume was going to be, and how it should look. Her classmates would vote her the best costume, mostly out of fear. They had sorry experiences of dealing with Mary and her “ways”.

This year the school was decked out in orange and black, pumpkins and ghouls, everything related to a fun Halloween party. Mary decided on a leprechaun costume, unusual for the autumn time, but it was spectacular. Of course she won the contest and never thanked her mother or her peers for the compliment.

Walking home from school, Mary was suddenly transported to the nearby field. To her amazement, real life green creatures started to pull her into the abandoned corn maze standing there. She tried to resist but had no choice as they dragged her into the labyrinth of the leprechauns. Try as she might to escape, her fate was told.

Mary’s disappearance was secretly celebrated by everyone who knew her well.




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