Welcome to my world

I was on the phone with Dish to see if my replacement box had been sent yet, it had been seven days. After twenty minutes of I don’t know what they were doing, on and off hold, but to a pleasant helper, my phone pinged, and kept pinging. Not wanting to get off and endure the automated holds before reaching an actual person again, I ignored it. After another ten when I was done with my call I looked to see what was up and found this:

I’ve got to hand it to her, no matter what is happening, good or bad, our sense of humor reigns!😂❤️ By the time I answered he was already at the door.☺️

This has happened a couple of times, once ending up in a harried visit to my apartment because they couldn’t get me on the phone. There was no problem except my phone had been temporarily disconnected when switching plans. My daughter and family live three minutes away, so they rushed over to make sure I was ok. That is very comforting.

I do receive texts but always know when it’s my daughter because it’s at least two pings in a row. She is fast fingered on her phone. I am not and if I try to hurry and send it usually has errors.



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