Putting My Feet in the Dirt 22

The foggy morning day has its rewards. Cooler, fresh mist sprinkling in your face, enlivening your spirit. As I walk near the harbored boats, I can hear the sounds of silver lights emanating from the distance. Small tugboats scurry along looking for their next job, while huge cruise ships are docking.

The fishermen are almost gone, having left early to retrieve their “catch of the day” for the many tourist laden restaurants up and down the boardwalk. The weather is fast getting cooler and their business will rest for the winter. Every effort is being made to squeeze out the last revenue from the summer visitors.

Sidewalk markets are setting up their harvested goods, hoping for another day in the waning season. The hardier vegetables and fruits still remained but sweet peaches and cherries were done.

All things in life have their time of splendor and flourish, then fade to rest.


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