SoCS 9-22-18

Friday, Saturday, all the same to me. I do have a change in my environment however. I’m solving the rent increase by getting rid of my Dish DVR service. It took over an hour to replace the newer version box with an older one I retrieved out of the bottom of the closet. The apartment complex charges a mandatory $75 a month included in your rent, so we dug out the original box from four years ago and set it up.

You’d think unplugging, plugging in would be easy, right? I used the SIM card from the newer device and it didn’t work either. I put the original back in, no help. Ended up on the phone for an hour with a patient Dish employee who was extremely helpful

Luckily my grandson was here to help me move my heavy wooden bureau to reach all the plugs. It went off and on and the person on the phone finally ordered a new one. It seems both my four year old box and the three year old DVR box are both obsolete now. Which brings up another matter, just how old does something have to be to be obsolete these days? Days, months, weeks?

It isn’t much of a sacrifice, only means if I want to watch tv, I’ll have to endure commercials. Unlike most people, I rarely take that opportunity to get a snack or drink, since it involves more than just casually walking into another room. I am relieved though and realize that fact through getting better sleep because the problem of the rent increase is solved.

I didn’t forget the Prompt and I believe flowers are due to all three of us for a hard day’s work.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 22/18


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