MLMM Tale Weaver #189 – Warning

Yes I’m still here. Watch your step, I may lose another bit at any time, wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Yes I know you want to peek in that hole. That’s all right, just be careful not to get your feet too close to the bottom of it. Sometimes the things within take the peeking as an intrusion and suck you in. You won’t be inside for long, but you’ll never be the same when you come out. I wouldn’t advise getting too close.

No, do not open the door. My condition should be a warning. I have struggled to remain a barrier between what’s in and what’s out. The hinges and straps are well rusted and worn, but they still do the job, mostly.

You see, the things inside can’t venture out even through openings like the bottom one. They’ve been cursed by the ancient tree creatures above. If you look above the stones you can see the tree, but just glance, you wouldn’t want to end up being a thing.

The tree tries to grow around the stone so it can cover me, but so far I am still here, keeping unwary visitors from opening the door. Remember, just a quick peek, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.


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