Putting My Feet in the Dirt 19

“What’s that you say? I need new glasses? Well I never! I can see just fine.”

Miss June was not exactly fond of the youngsters who came into the library, but it was part of her job at the library to greet them, hopefully with a smile. There seemed to be a resurgence of younger children these days and even though their small chatter bothered her at times, she was heartened by the idea.

Miss June had been a librarian for over fifty years. She had seen the demise of library attendance with the rise in video games, computers and those dreadful kindle apps. Books were becoming dusty reminders of a past she loved. Trying to interest young ones in the pleasure of holding an actual book in their hands that you need to read, not listen to, was sometimes a difficult task. The idea of getting them familiar with their creative imaginations instead of watching someone else doing it for them was rare.

Miss June had certain resonsibilities that required computer skills. With her waning eyesight, the dotted dimensions on the screens were becoming more difficult to decipher.

After a required eye appointment result, Miss June was retired from the desk and enjoyed reading and helping the younger visitors to the library.

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