SYW 9-17-18

Hey! I had a hard time finding this post to answer the questions, anyone else? Of course not, it’s always, no, mom, you’re the only one. I guess that means I’m unique and I’ll take that as a compliment! Uh huh. I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath for my answers so here they are:

1. What is your favorite beverage? My favorite is water. Next would be iced tea, peach, then a creamy caramel coffee.

2. What is your interpretation of the Golden Rule? I think it means simply put, treat others the way you want to be treated.

3. Sunrise or sunset? Since I rise very early but usually go back to bed, definitely sunset. We have beautiful ones in the west.

4. Do you think we anthropomorphize animals too much? First of all I had to look up this word. Second, I currently have no animals close to me. I have had many animals in my youth on a farm and pets as an adult. I think it’s amazing the comprehension and unrecognized potential of their brains, so I guess my answer is yes, but maybe in an incorrect way.

5. What are you grateful for this week? I am grateful to have a roof over my head, cooler weather, food in the fridge and notes from good friends.