MLMM First Line Friday 9-14-18

Spider silk clung at the doors, over the windows, and over everything she had left behind. Tears came rushing as he entered the room. How long had it been since he watched her there in the light? He always tried to stay out of the way when she was painting. He removed some webs from the easel. The dried oils were still splayed out on the wood. No one must have been in here since she left.

As he looked around the studio he remembered when they first came here, looking for a home, wanting enough space for her art room. They walked up the stairs and entered this room, not much different than it is now, but saw the high ceiling and pulled open the heavy drapes. The light burst in and she looked at him with a please? in her eyes. They scraped together their savings and bought the house.

Every day she spent in the studio, creating works of art that became extremely popular. It was perfection, he writing, her painting. In the evening they would meet in front of the fireplace and snack on bread and cheese.

He was a war correspondent but had come to settle in to writing his own short stories which was profitable. This life was disrupted when he was called away on an assignment for the paper. He thought he would only be gone a few weeks at the most, but it proved more lengthy and dangerous than they thought.

She was a creative soul with a wild imagination. She tried to concentrate on her painting, but the popular visions that were adored now turned into morose works of war and destruction. She grew weary, depressed and failed to eat properly. Her health diminishing, her doctor suggested she write her husband and tell him of her condition.

Her patronage was not accepting the changes and she grew despondent from loneliness. She thought if she could just see him she might get the inspiration she once had and her life would improve. After several letters back and forth she was to meet him at the Naval Base at Lakehurst Field.

She was on the ground, watching as the Hindenburg was about to land. As it burst into flame, thinking he was killed in the explosion, she had a heart attack and died. Her death was not reported as a casualty of the disaster even though it certainly was.

He was unable to get this fateful flight because at the last moment he was not allowed to board, but she would never know this. After he found out what happened, he finally forced himself go back to their home.


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